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Pubs & breweries of the Ilsleys

"Time, Gentlemen please" (300+ years of pubs and brewing in East and West Ilsley), S G Burnay

This book on the pubs & breweries of the Ilsleys traces their history and the people who ran them. Many of the people who ran the pubs were not local, but originally came to the village in connection with the Sheep Fairs, the Corn Market or horse racing, and stayed as publicans. There are many links between the new families and older village families - more of a family web than a family tree! West Ilsley was the brewing village - being the home of the original Morland brewery as well as an older brewery, known as Horner's. The book includes an index to the publicans and their families, together with maps and photos. It will be of interest to both genealogists and local historians (as well as those interested in pubs).

(the book is A5 soft cover, 101 pages)

8.00 + P&P

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