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Pubs and breweries

This is a history of the pubs & breweries of East & West Ilsley and the people who ran them. The Ilsleys lie in the downland area of West Berks. Why is it that East Ilsley still has 2 pubs when many larger villages struggle to support one? Did you know that there used to be up to 14 pubs there? Did you know there used to be 2 breweries in West Ilsley?


Local history booklets

A series of short booklets on a wide range of topics from East Ilsley Local History Society. These include - origins of the village, stained glass in St. Mary's church, early years of the parish council, the Hildesley brass, walks with a historical slant, Ilsley Sheep fairs, education in the village, and comments on parishioners. A new book on the stories behind the people listed on the war memorial is also available.


Local history CDs

A series of detailed studies on a wide range of topics from East Ilsley Local History Society. These include transcriptions of wills, monumental inscriptions, an interactive map from the 1830s and the centenary exhibition on education in the village.

East Ilsley Local History Society membership

        If you would like to join the Society, you can now pay your membership fee here - it's only 3 per family per year and includes access to the Members' area of our web-site (www.eastilsleyhistory.co.uk), a twice-yearly newsletter and access to the Berks Local History Association's newsletters.

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